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SEO for website in 2020, SEO techniques and Quick Guide

Optimize Your Website H1, H2, H3 tags

Optimize your page heading and title. Write the meaning full names and according to your website domain. You can use Google trend or Bing Webmaster tool for search the optimize keywords. You should maintain main heading and subheading in h1, h2 and h3 tag.

Chose Top Level Domain

Chose rich keyword for your website. This is very important because user will click on your website after read your domain name.

Site Structure

Make your site structural and user proper folder hierarchy with meaning full name.

Crawl able Design

Your Website design and html should easily crawl able for search engines. If your structure will complex then search engine crawler will not extract data from your site for indexing.

Home Page loading speed

Your home page loading speed should minimum for good ranking. Slow speed of loading page will impact on your ranking.

Image Size

Images of website should be compress. You can use any compress tool for resize the image. For example .webp format.

Mobile Friendly

Your website should be mobile friendly. Mostly users are use mobile for browsing. Therefore search engine will not good ranking if your page will not be mobile friendly.

Custom 404 Page

Design custom page for error 404 means if url is not exist then this page will be show.