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Infragistics ultragrid conditional row highlight in vb.net

You can highlight specific row of ultragrid, based on condition. You can change the color of rows or set the icon on the rows.

Firstly add the icon into your project resources “BulletRed”.

Use this icon into your code. Read the row of ultragrid in loop and you can set any condition for perform action. Here, if Quantity will be zero than row will be highlight using image icon. The sample code is given below.

            Dim band As UltraGridBand = Me.UltraGrid1.DisplayLayout.Bands(0)

            For Each row As UltraGridRow In Me.UltraGrid1.Rows.GetRowEnumeratorGridRowType.DataRow,

                       Nothing, Nothing)

                If row.Band.Index = 0 Then

                   If row.Cells("QTY").Value = 0 Then

                            row.RowSelectorAppearance.ImageBackground = 


                    End If

                End If


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